A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Posted by Joe Anderson on

Many of our clients from our Dog Walking business have dogs with health issues and this can make choosing the right treats tricky.

Whether it allergies, weight issues, diabetes, poor digestion, low immunity, liver or kidney disease or pancreatitis, it's hard to know what treats to choose or if you should choose any at all.

Thankfully, it becomes a little easier when you shop at Pets At Nature, because all our treats are chosen with pet health in mind, meaning you can feel more confident when choosing a treat for your furry friend.

Take our Soopa treats for instance, using the chart below you can see which treats are suitable depending on which health issues your dog has.

As you can see above, nearly all health issues have at least one treat which is suitable and in many cares more than that.

All of Soopa's treats are made from natural ingredients. The Coconut Chew is 100% coconut which dogs seem to love. While the healthy bites and dental sticks are also made from 100% natural ingredients. This means your dog can enjoy a tasty treat and you'll know that not only will it not affect his health, in many cases it will provide benefits such as healthy fibres, omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of vitamins too.

You can shop for our whole range of tasty, natural and heathy treats here

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