Why is Coconut Good for Dogs?

Posted by Joe Anderson on

Why is coconut good for dogs? This is a great question and there is a multitude of answers as to why feeding your dogs coconut is very beneficial.

While you should always check with your vet if your dog has a condition, in general, coconut meat is just as good as coconut oil when it comes to the benefits gained.

For one, it is high in lauric acid. Which is great, because lauric acid is particularly good at fighting off viruses, such as influenza as well as helping fight against yeast infections, ringworm, and giardia. 

Because coconut helps fight inflammation, it can also help ease aches caused by arthritis, since inflammation is the main source of the pain.

Coconut is also packed with antioxidants which help support the immune system. In addition, coconut provides the body with an extra defence against bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. There have also been studies supporting its anti-viral properties.

It's also suggested that coconut can help with skin problems, as well as helping to fight parasites, fungi and viruses.

Based on everything above, it's fair to say that coconut is a superfood for dogs and a much better choice than choosing a less healthy treat from a supermarket shelf.

Luckily we stock a wide range of coconut treats which should help your dog reap the benefits of this super healthy treat.

These include our Soopa 100% Natural Raw Coconut Chews, our Soopa coconut and chia seed dental sticks and our Soopa Coconut and Chia Seed Healthy bites.

All three of these treats are 100% natural and human grade, meaning you can tuck in too if your dog will let you (although it's probably best to leave them for your dog).

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